About Us

Hello, my friends call me Sparky Moonbarker and I created The Polar Pipe. I got the name when I was living with 3 guys after college. Back in those days we got huge White and Yellow Page books along with a land line phone that hung on the wall. We were allowed 2 names with our number in the White pages; but we didn't really care so we gave them Sparky Moonbarker, and Tommy Tomato. That way, whenever someone called for one of those names we knew it was a telemarketer! And somehow they stuck me with Sparky, forever.

Most of us have had run-ins water pipes that break easily, ice that melts too fast, and nasty pipe water. One day in 2017 I decided to try and make a better mousetrap. 

I settled on the stainless steel, vacuum sealed, thermal container because it keeps the ice cold for hours of use, stays nice and dry on the outside.

It's not the fanciest pipe out there, with all the nice art glass pipes being produced today; but, I'll put it up against any of them. We like to think it's more "industrial" art that's functional. And the new water transfer prints on the container are a big hit.

I make and assemble each and every pipe by hand, here in South Florida. 

The process of water transfer printing is extensive. Here it is: tape ends of container, sand container, spray with epoxy primer and let dry, sand again, spray with base coat of chosen color, let dry, dip into tank and transfer chosen graphic onto container, let dry, spray with automotive clear coat and let dry.

Please contact us and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Sparky Moonbarker